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The Geeky Baju Project is a series of Southeast Asian garment designs inspired by literature, video games, and films. In this series, I explore the intersection of popular culture with traditional garments as a means of storytelling. More at

(Based on the Dragon Age: Inquisition game by BioWare)

Rally the troops in an imposing cheongsam and hoodie.
The cheongsam (qipao) has its origins in the Manchurian Qing dynasty and was modernised to accentuate the figure during the 1920-1940s in Shanghai.

Take on centuries of systemic injustice while sporting a dashing aristocrat’s jacket and batik kain panjang.
Different motifs and patterns were reserved for wear by the nobility in Java.

Sweep the grandest game of all in an embroidered silk terno.
The terno has distinctive rising butterfly sleeves and a low neckline, evolving from older Filipino dresses.

Wander the ages past in a sherwani and churidar.
The formal sherwani was used as court dress for nobles and is often intricately embroidered.