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Space Opera (Mass Effect)


Digital Art. 24″ x 18″ giclee print on Ilford Textured Cotton Rag 310.

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The Geeky Baju Project is a series of Southeast Asian garment designs inspired by literature, video games, and films. In this series, I explore the intersection of popular culture with traditional garments as a means of storytelling. More at

(Based on the Mass Effect trilogy by BioWare)

Save the galaxy in a baju with black velvet ornamentation and red and white embroidery.
The Cekak Musang style of baju features a standing collar with buttons.

Be the very model of a scientist salarian in an embroidered baju kurung.
The simplicity of the baju kurung lends itself to adaptation and ornamentation.

Command with ease in a modern kebaya.
The sheer kebaya is decorated with intricate lace and embroidery, worn over kemben traditionally and now over camisoles or other undergarments.

Rack up some headshots in this fine gold and silver-woven baju with selendang.
Gold and silver threads are woven into kain tenun for a dazzling effect.

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