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The Geeky Baju Project is a series of Southeast Asian garment designs inspired by literature, video games, and films. In this series, I explore the intersection of popular culture with traditional garments as a means of storytelling. More at

(Based on The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin)

Look elegant and ageless in a silk pleated sari.
A sari is worn with a bodice and petticoat, wrapped so that the same length of cloth forms both a skirt and a shoulder or head covering.

Reach out, reach in, rend the fabric of the earth while donning a patterned kurta.
Kurtas can be worn as formal or everyday dress, with side slits providing ease of movement.

Gather power and stand your ground in a jacket inspired by the Akha and Hmong of Laos.
The jackets are made from black cotton decorated with coloured stripes in applique.

Maintain the balance with a warrior’s baju, samping, and keris.
Ways to wear the keris differ according to region, with some tucking it into the samping at the back and others in the front.