To You For Me


The artist’s interpretation of the aftermath events surrounding Flight MH17 is presented in a pictorial format where control and disorder is depicted by various gestures of the hand. The work communicates the various register of emotions paired by the employment of deceptive clues, false emphasis and symbolic
meaning. The artist reminds us that our hands a`er all alludes to the performative act of creation and destruction – a form of inner catharsis that shapes the spaces we occupy.

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Watching You, Watching Us embodies the subtle genesis of life and death through the cognition of personal and afar tragedies surrounding the artist’s vision.

How Would You Choose To Die? ,What Would Happen To My Body If I Was Buried? & Would I Not Feel Anything Because Our Souls Go Back To God?

were the questions asked by Miguel Panduwinata, 11, to his beloved mother one day before his flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. He was aboard Flight MH17, when it was shot down by a missile that resulted in the demise of all 298 passengers.

Pondering upon these questions awakens nostalgia and suppressed emotions – rekindling the artist’s internal conflict with his perplexed interpretation of mortality and the susceptibility of our precious life. Coping with the concept of death, the artist explores the impermanence and unfathomable complexities surrounding the fragility of the living, death and afterlife.

The creation of each works is an attempt by the artist to grant himself a second chance (or) to mine for meaning and clarity from a series of transitory events surrounding. The artist invites a spiritual examination of the sceneries as a mediated space where one becomes a mental visitor not only to a place but to the  fragmented moments of life. Watching You, Watching Us lends a shared evocative space where melancholia transits ephemerality in guiding our psyche towards a transcendental experience. Where life ended with profound loss, the images begin with the creation of life.