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Of Self & Sanity


Printed on archival matte canvas.

A temporary arrival of lucid presence in a multiverse of never-ending flux. A convergence of ancestral pain and hope. Struggle of the future selves to bridge existential gaps. A medley of emotions.

Navigating the higher realms. Facing shadows. Deeper, darker still. Nothing good. Nothing bad. An amalgamation of polarities. Radical truth prevails.

Movement. A dance, we call life. A cycle, we acknowledge death. A moving rhythmic structure in a sea of moving beats. A quest for freedom. Of the mind, body, soul. Spirit calls forth. Subtle, intricate layers of consciousness. Listen. See. Feel. Full immersive experience. Trust and surrender. Finding calmness and clarity in the eye of the spiritual storm. Peace, at last. By healing ourselves beyond the cellular level, we heal the ancestral soul wounds of those before us and light the path for those after us. The shaman, witch and warrior return home.

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