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The Voices of Her Psyche and Soul


45cm x 60cm. Printed on archival matte canvas.

Witness the radiating reverberations of the little voice within the bright soul realm. Amidst the dancing spectres of iridescent energetic culminations. All shades of emotions that reside within she who knows.
She who is strong. She who is silent. She who rages like a crazy wild woman. She who laments. She, whose laughter shakes the very core of the earth. She who smiles at flowers, and beams as the flowers smile back. She who is gentle and fluid like water. She who stands stoic and steadfast in supportive embrace of he who carries the cosmic world on his shoulders. Unseen, unheard and yet very much present and very much felt as she bridges the ever inter-changing worlds of dream and reality.
She lets out a deep, guttural roar that morphs into a cry and then song, piercing through the layers of shadows around. She sings in celebration of her darkness that has lent her impossible strength, strange depth and complex curiosity. Flashes of insight that sometimes reveal “too much” it hurts and bewilders. And sometimes what she is served is “too simple” it hurts and bewilders. Yet she is at peace as she continues to express what she is called to birth into the world, knowing that as the waves of time converge in harmonious flow, all is “just perfect” as is, after all.
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