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04 Had the cake


Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm.

A wise man once said me there is so much we have taken for granted.  If we bring up gratitude in our minds we will be happy. In this drawing the symbols of compass are metaphorical bearings of the way to gratitude.  Geometric fractions symbolises the need for rational thought to bring out gratitude to counter instincts of discontentment.

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Love Letter to Past, Present & Future

Love Letter to Past, Present & Future is a series of small scale, mixed media drawings on rice paper.  They bear traces from previous Love Letters installation.  Layered with abstractly composed lines and dots, “I seek to create an ambiguous and fantastic world that seems familiar but lies just out of reach.  Interspersed among all these elements, are mysterious suggestions of compass and chart-like symbols. Juxtaposed with it are illustrations of familiar every-day objects, situations and awkward moments or poses.  I wanted to put things side by side where they may never have been seen before to create a new reality.”  Unpinning these drawings is a sense of longing and reflection (past present future).  But, like artifacts of a forgotten culture, the past and future moments can never be completely deciphered.  Yet we aren’t fully aware of this present moment.

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