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Charis Loke

Charis Yoke (1991) is a book and narrative illustrator with a passion for storytelling. Her artwork often explores themes of conflict and contrast, wonder, diversity, and ‘what if?’ questions. Born in Teluk Intan and raised in Seremban, at a young age, Charis was drawn to the illustrations that brought life and meaning to the fictional worlds she read about. Inspired to create her own art, she cites fantasy illustrator John Howe, husband-and-wife team Diane and Leo Dillon, and Lat’s storytelling amongst her influences. Artists during the Golden Age of Illustration and the traditional Japanese art form of ukiyo-e, have also played a role in her developing style as an artist. Being a professional illustrator was Charis’ dream growing up, however, it was only while studying for a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, that she discovered the possibility of making it a reality. Charis completed her training in science, but took courses in illustration, animation, medieval history, and comparative literature, to develop her passion. She subsequently worked as an English and Visual Arts teacher for a few years, before becoming a full-time illustrator in 2017. The combination of thinking, research, and drawing required in producing good illustrations keeps Charis excited about her craft. As a big fan of animation and video games, she is also looking out for the innovations that virtual reality will bring to how art is made and stories are told. At present, her goal is to illustrate the best progressive science fiction and fantasy stories. She also aims to develop personal work that has roots in real experiences and issues.

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