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01 Step outside

Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm. There is a world outside, another one within and they affect each other. Sometimes all we need to do is to step outside and our inner perspective changes.  The doorway is ...

02 Golden Hour

Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm. This is where we live.  The doorway lined with golden light is a metaphor for an elusive short moment – I feel like most times, we just keep going towards it ...

03 Cross that bridge

Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm. Breaking things down to digestible sizes makes things manageable.  Symbols of chart-like and measurements frames are metaphorical setting for an objective perspective.

04 Had the cake

Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm. A wise man once said me there is so much we have taken for granted.  If we bring up gratitude in our minds we will be happy. In this drawing the ...

05 One evening on a full moon

Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm. Daydreams are happy escapes, for sure.  Daydreams pop up in between moments of our rational thoughts.  In this drawing the symbols of compass are metaphorical bearings of the way back and ...

A Goddess Circle Offering

45cm x 60cm. Printed on archival matte canvas. Under the whispering and fleeting shadows of keen hunters and animal spirits, the wise women enter into a communion with great masters of the land. The feminine keeper ...