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Can We Panic Now

Printed on Ilford Torinoko-Washi 110gsm fine art paper. Tendency to instil anxiety over trifling events often fail my ability to appreciate beauty of the present, that will soon become the past.

Feel, Fight or Flight

Printed on archival matte canvas. We all run away from what we run towards. Unconsciously, deep patterns run us. Our lives are a cycle of highs and lows, the ecstasy of love so remarkable and the ...

From You To Me

The artist’s interpretation of the aftermath events surrounding Flight MH17 is presented in a pictorial format where control and disorder is depicted by various gestures of the hand. The work communicates the various register of emotions ...


Printed on Ilford Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm fine art paper. The original work was drawn in pencil, charcoal, guoache, watercolour, soft pastel & gold ink on paper.